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Kincannon & Co.

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Who is Kincannon?

Kincannon is a Family-Owned Business. I’m the owner of Kincannon.Co ( Kincannon & Co. ). I’m a mom of two little ones, and together, we create art!

All artwork is hand-painted or drawn by myself or one of my kids and printed on some pretty awesome products just for you! With my background in photography, you’ll even notice some pieces include some of my photography work.

(We also have some awesome behind the scene videos on the Instagram page, so be sure to check that out.)

Thank you for supporting our small family-owned business!

What is Kincannon?

Kincannon hosts a shop online along with a blog sharing artwork for your home and life on some amazing products.

Why Kincannon?

Kincannon and Company artists hand-paint, draw, or photograph some amazing designs and use a manufacturer to print them on some really awesome products such as t-shirts, throw blankets, throw pillows, coffee mugs, and more.

When was Kincannon started?

Kincannon and Company started in 2021. Since 2011 I’ve been running a successful photography studio. However, due to covid-19 and other factors, I decided to launch an online shop. Painting and drawing is something I love doing, especially with my children, so a virtual shop centered around art seemed like a natural transition.